Social Media SErvices

Social Media SErvices

Social media is your brand's main identity hub. Our team ensures consistency across platforms, using your brand message to attract top talent, grow your audience, and showcase what makes your workplace exceptional.


Alignment to Your Brand

We are experts in both employer branding and social media curation. Let us combine these skills to create a social media strategy that helps grow your brand awareness.

Talent Audience Focus

We have decades of expertise in recruitment marketing. We will tailor your social media messaging to attract the right talent.

Full Creative Agency Backing

Leave the creative to us. Our well-established creative team creates eye-catching assets and engaging copy to ensure your posts reach the largest audience possible.

Constant Innovation

What works today may not work tomorrow. We know that social trends, algorithms, and interests are constantly changing. We always adapt the strategy and content to make sure your posts stand out and stay relevant.

Technology Expertise

The market is crowded with dozens of social media management tools. We’ve used many of them. We partner with you to select the right tools for your goals and budget.


EVP and Persona Utilization

We are industry leaders in EVP and persona creation. We will use your existing EVP and personas to tailor your posts to get you quality candidates. Don’t currently have an EVP or personas? Let our consulting team build them for you!

Full-Service Content Creation and Curation

We do it all. From strategy to asset creation and copywriting, we bring years of experience to the table to take the stress of social media out of your hands.

Creative Strategy and Ideation

A business’s social media can quickly become dull and boring. We are constantly researching industry trends and developing new creative ideas to ensure your posts will be eye-catching and impactful.

Data Analytics & Reporting

Results matter. We are constantly monitoring your performance across social channels to make sure we are producing the right content for your goals. We provided dashboards for you to see the performance trends.

Strategic Planning

We combine historical results with forward-looking plans for campaigns, initiatives, and hiring events to create strategic plans for the most impactful calendars, posts, and engagements. We always include your key stakeholders in developing new strategies.

Transform Your Talent Acquisition Team

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What you'll learn:
  • 3rd party referral tools
  • incentives offered for referral hires
  • referral program enhancements

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