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HireClix’s research into employee referral trends was designed to uncover trends and challenges in employee referral programs. Over 100 recruiting organizations in a variety of industries and geographies participated in the survey.

Companies With Formal Employee Referral Programs

Companies With Formal Employee Referral Programs

Launching an effective, measurable program requires research and planning.

Tools Used to Manage Program

Tools Used to Manage Program

Manual spreadsheets dominate the practical implementation of most employee referral programs due to the lack of usable ATS functionality.

Referral Program Structure
Program Structure

Centralized structures make communication, measurement and technology management easier.

Referral Program Incentives
Program Incentives

When determining non-cash incentives for your company, survey employees to determine what types of incentives they would prefer.

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HireClix’s strategy consulting group helps clients gain a deeper understanding around their talent acquisition strategy, process, technology, marketing and branding.

Our strategy consulting leaders and consultants bring over 30 years of corporate talent acquisition experience to solve our client’s challenges. We have experience as recruiters, strategists, program managers, technology leaders, and talent acquisition executives in industries from professional services and construction to software development and aerospace.

We’ve built and executed successful recruiting strategies through hypergrowth, mergers & acquisitions, and recessions. Our deep experience as talent acquisition practioners ensures that our clients receive realistic advice and solutions to help them achieve their recruiting and business goals.

We stay connected to the challenges of today’s talent acquisition leader through regular research of industry best practices, participation in various HR technology forums, and networking with HR and recruiting leaders across the country.

Our solutions and advice, whether on technology selection, process improvement, or candidate engagement strategies, are always based on data. As this Employee Referral Trends Report demonstrates, we gather and use data to draw conclusions and provide practical, actionable advice.

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