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iCIMS optimization Services

You’ve invested in iCIMS Talent Cloud and have yet to realize all of its benefits. Your users are frustrated and not using the system. The team who selected and implemented iCIMS is no longer a part of your organization. Your dashboards aren’t providing the needed data. Your business and processes have changed. You know iCIMS can meet your needs, but you don’t have the time or skills to understand your options and implement changes. 

The HireClix strategic consulting team can help optimize your system, improve your user and candidate experience, increase adoption, and improve recruiting results. 


Preferred iCIMS Services Partner 

HireClix is trusted by iCIMS to help its customers succeed. 

Certified iCIMS Consultants 

Our team of consultants is trained and certified by iCIMS. 

Practitioner Perspective 

We are former recruiters, talent acquisition leaders, and iCIMS user administrators who understand the realities of recruiting in today’s market. 

Custom Solutions 

Our approach and solutions are customized to your business strategy and unique recruiting process. 

Deep Expertise 

We have led dozens of iCIMS implementations across all industries and organization sizes. 


Process Optimization

With our systematic approach to understanding your process, we uncover the true challenges and bottlenecks and recommend a future state that fully-leverages iCIMS’ functionality. 

System Configuration

System configurations to meet your business objectives and unique process needs while ensuring a positive user experience. 

Reports and Dashboards

User group-specific dashboards to simplify the experience and provide necessary data at their fingertips. 

User Training

Custom training for your key users to increase adoption. 

Knowledge Transfer 

Full training of your internal user administrators to ensure continuity and continued success. 

Transform Your Talent Acquisition Team

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