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Optimizing Your

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Optimizing Your Recruiting Process for Better Results

Federal government contracting has always been an extremely competitive marketplace for attracting the best talent. Our client had a specific focus on providing technology solutions making recruiting even more difficult when you plan to increase headcount by 30-40% within a year. Given the state of the market and little brand recognition, finding the right tech talent with proper security clearances was a big challenge.

The executive leadership recognized that their current recruiting practices and processes would not scale effectively to the new hiring requirements. Since the recruiters were stretched thin with a heavy workloads, several executives obtained LinkedIn Recruiter seats in order to source candidates. The client was not currently using a candidate relationship management (CRM) system, so they had no way to track and measure engagement and pipeline potential candidates. They also wanted to reduce the administrative burden on both the talent acquisition team and hiring managers creating more time to connect with candidates.


Optimizing Your Recruiting Process for Better Results

The HireClix strategic consulting team conducted multiple process mapping sessions with the talent acquisition (TA) team, hiring managers, and executives to fully understand the current processes and pain points. The team found that the current applicant tracking system (ATS) was not being used effectively, thus no useful data was available to uncover inefficiencies and bottlenecks. Based on the information gathered during the engagement, the consultants developed future state process maps that:

  • Eliminated most forms being created & completed outside of the ATS
  • Found efficiency opportunities, reducing administrative tasks across all functions
  • Streamlined requisition and offer approval processes
  • Shortened the application process and improved the candidate experience

In addition, the consulting team provided resources to the client so they could begin the evolution of a new TA tech stack. The team also recommended key metrics to leverage so the client could assess candidate throughput, quality candidates, and improve the overall candidate experience.


Optimizing Your Recruiting Process for Better Results

The new optimized process enabled the client to leverage the recommendations and make significant improvements to the talent acquisition process. Also the client used the recommended framework to select a new ATS/CRM that best fit their business needs and goals. The HireClix consulting team managed the system implementation to ensure the ATS configuration aligned with the optimized processes and the CRM allowed them to build, engage, and track relevant talent communities. The results included:

  • Recruiters having significantly more time to source candidates and nurture talent communities through their CRM
  • Elimination of all external forms and processes since they were now captured in the ATS
  • Executives no longer needed to play an active role in sourcing
  • Improved the candidate experience by reducing time to apply

If your organization needs to streamline your recruiting process or select new TA technology, connect with the HireClix consulting team to learn more about a customized approach to building a stronger talent acquisition strategy.




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