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What's in the Box?!

Recruiting and retaining talent in today’s marketplace requires organizations to think out of the box but Watzinda box from HireClix is a way to put amazing and creative ideas in the box. From design concepts to the contents of the box, it’s fully customizable. Whether you are trying to find a special way to welcome new staff, convince old colleagues to boomerang back or just express gratitude for the efforts of your existing employees, delivering an awesome customized box for your brand is sure to put smiles on faces.

Investing in Watzinda box as a part of your overall efforts to attract and retain talent allows you to stand out from the rest of the pack.

Delivering a small token of appreciation for a reasonable price can make all the difference in building your employer brand.

Stack of Custom Designed Boxes
Consider Which Options Are Best for You...

Welcome Box

For Onboarding New Hires

Boomerang Box

For Rehiring Programs

Crateful Box

For Existing Employees

Creating a branded design for your box and selecting premium items to include in the package provides a unique way to celebrate opportunities in your organization.

HireClix is coming up with new and fresh ways to attract and retain talent every day. In addition to developing awesome creative ideas like the Watzinda Box, HireClix can help you build out targeted recruitment marketing campaigns and help solve the tough problems holding your talent acquisition team hostage. To learn more about having a great strategic recruitment marketing partner in your corner, fill out the form below.

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