My First Clixerlife Mixer: Talent Acquisition, Great Conversation, and Winning at Leftovers

My First Clixerlife Mixer: Talent Acquisition, Great Conversation, and Winning at Leftovers

Throughout the year, the HireClix team hosts a variety of local, intimate gatherings across the country.  Some cities you’ll find happy hours or lunches, others you might find yourself conversing over a bountiful dinner. In every experience, you’ll find yourself engaging with like-minded talent acquisition professionals who are eager to share their challenges and successes.

I had the opportunity to participate in this week’s dinner in my local area in Denver, CO, at Barcelona Wine Bar. My team prepped me that it was a casual opportunity to get to know those in the area.  They assured me it wasn’t a strong sales push but, more of a one on one experience where we could have meaningful conversations with one another.  Being that this was my first week with HireClix and first event, I still wasn’t sure what to expect.

I walked into the private room filled with about 20 highly energetic, engaged people who were in various stages of their recruiting careers and roles.  There were groups of 3-5 in some areas as well as several one on one gatherings.   After meeting my new colleagues and being asked “Red or White?”, I made it to the outside patio where I was quickly greeted by a practitioner from WestRock. I then perused the lovely appetizer table filled with cheeses and charcuterie and was approached by OppenheimerFunds and Jefferson Center for Mental Health leaders.  Before we settled down to our seats, we already made headway with attempting to solve the recruiting world challenges of: surviving recruiting in an up and down market, lack of RPO service delivery, technology inefficiencies, and data integrity to build a business case.  This was going to be a great night!

After we sat, us “Clixers”, as I am now called, gave a warm welcome and made it clear that there would be “No PowerPoints” – which there wasn’t!  <there never="" is="" at="" these="" types="" of="" events!="">. Shae with Indeed quietly introduced herself as she sipped on hot tea to soothe her throat.  Attendees from Enterprise Holdings, City and County of Denver, Peaksware, Sage Hospitality, Ball Corporation, WestRock, OppenheimerFunds, Empowered Partnerships and Jefferson Mental Health proceeded to introduced themselves while providing a snippet of a pain or success. It was a great way keep the conversation as lively as it was prior to sitting, only topics expanded to: brand, internal resistance in recruiting investment, using consumer data for recruiting opportunities, building pipelines, outreach effectiveness and so much more!</there>

Everyone left with bellies filled with incredible never-ending tapas which followed with paella and Parrillada, but, most importantly, a group of intelligent talent acquisition professionals gained new friends in their local market, and potentially new, creative ways to move the needle in recruiting efficiencies and results.  Me? I got to leave with even more – new work friends and LEFTOVERS!

Want to meet a bunch of Clixers and many TA professionals at one of our events?  Follow our Facebook page.  We will be hosting more events around the country in the Spring.

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