LinkedIn Takes a Moment to Provide a Welcome Warm Embrace

LinkedIn Takes a Moment to Provide a Welcome Warm Embrace

On Tuesday, March 30, LinkedIn did what so many organizations struggle to do at this stage of the pandemic.  They executed an online event for talent acquisition leaders that had a vibe akin to what we used to feel at in person events.  Given that we are now over a year into surviving in a two dimensional world, it is refreshing to see creativity, thoughtfulness and community in full force.  

On a typical Tuesday night, I am usually looking at a stack of laundry, heating up some leftovers from the weekend and watching the Bruins struggle to score a few goals.  (Although it was good to see Brad Marchand back in the lineup.)  This Tuesday though, I was fortunate enough to be invited to LinkedIn’s Forward Lounge event after a successful session earlier in the day.  The event included crafting a custom cocktail, a lively discussion about recruiting in today’s marketplace with an intimate group of TA leaders and a live performance by Estelle. Wait what?  Yes, that;’s right, it was an awesome two song set by Estelle followed by a little Q&A where she fielded some questions from the crowd.  Her warmth, genuine nature and overall presence to wrap up the evening produced head bobbing, lots of smiles and maybe even a few dance moves.  It sounds like Estelle needs to hug her mom and take a vacation just like the rest of us.  

Sometimes we think about vendors in a way that can be negative because they are trying to lock down a meeting, sign a contract or just get the metaphorical foot in the door.  Given how many times I have heard the term ‘Zoom Fatigue’ in the past thirty days, it was such a big win for the LinkedIn team to find a way to engage a group and treat them to something that will be considered a stand out brand experience given the restrictions that still burden our business interactions.  Today, what I experienced during this session was the equivalent of a big hug from our friends at LinkedIn.  Kudos to the LinkedIn management team for blessing the idea, the events team for flawless execution and our partner team for inviting me.

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