Facing Bigger Problems with Your Recruiting Efforts

Facing Bigger Problems with Your Recruiting Efforts

This year promises to be one of the toughest years in recruiting talent based on the collision of many market conditions. How prepared are you to face these challenges? Below are three areas to focus on that could make a big difference in your hiring and start to make those problems go away.

Optimize your Indeed Spend: Indeed and Glassdoor (Both owned by Recruit) make up a huge chunk of the job board marketplace. On countless occasions, we have found that other advertising agencies are taking a ‘set it and forget it’ programmatic approach to managing these campaigns. The HireClix team has amazing recruitment marketing analysts who jump in and often get a 25-100% improvement on return on investment (ROI) with a client’s campaigns. Better results, same spend. Mastering Indeed before you go out to dozens of other job boards is a smart move and we can help.

Upgrading your Creative: Creative is a game changer in today’s marketplace. Most of the creative in recruiting is tired and lackluster. When was the last time you really gave your recruiting assets a thought?  If your creative isn’t authentic you’re going to fade into the background. It’s critical to have fresh & warm creative that stands out to candidates and reflects positively on your employer brand. Take a hard look at your creative compared to your corporate brand and competitors. It might be time to upgrade and getting new assets is easier than you think when working with HireClix. Landing pages, banner ads, social media templates, video assets, career site refresh - they are all within reach.

Targeted Passive Candidate Strategy: Your target candidates spend the vast majority* (98%+) of their digital life on sites other than job boards. You can’t afford to wait for them to show up and see your job posting.  You have to aggressively get your employer brand out in the market. The HireClix team anticipates 2022-2024 will be critical for employer branding and we see a massive creative advantage for clients who leverage consumer marketing sites such as search engines, social, sports, news and other consumer based sites. As mentioned above, job boards like Indeed will be important but it’s critical to get your brand out in front of potential hires and create positive employer brand impressions so you win mindshare as they are considering new career opportunities. 

If you need a fresh perspective and creative ideas, HireClix has experience in each of these three areas across a variety of industries.

*Based on HireClix analysis of 2021 SEMRush data of Top 50+ websites including unique visitor data and duration on site data. 

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