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HireClix is a global recruitment marketing agency that helps HR executives apply the power of digital marketing and strategic advisory services to optimize their recruiting process. HireClix saves talent acquisition professionals time and money by building and optimizing recruitment advertising investments, developing their employment brand, and reducing overall cost-per-hire. HireClix collaborates with clients to select, implement, and manage best-in-breed recruiting technology for each client’s needs.

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Everyone I worked with was super helpful and great at teaching - I truly felt valued as an intern and that I was making a difference. The experience made me confident as I transition into a marketing career. I started working at HireClix full-time after I graduated from Endicott and have been here ever since!

Emma Millman Headshot
Emma Millman
Digital Marketing Manager, HireClix - 2015 Intern

I was able to work on projects both small and large-scale, and gain experience with new tools I had never designed with before. From web design to social media development, I had a hand in it all. It was an awesome experience to be taken in right away as a team member and trusted with my own projects.

Heather Oxsen Headshot
Heather Oxsen
Junior Graphic Designer, HireClix - 2022 Intern

Innovation is a key component of the clixer culture which creates an exciting and dynamic workplace where every day brings new opportunities for learning and growth. I am proud to be part of such an incredible team, and I look forward to contributing to our continued success

Emily Cataldo head shot
Emily Cataldo
Digital Marketing Associate, HireClix - 2021 Intern

From day one I was treated as a part of the team. It is admirable that while there are over 50 employees at HireClix, there is still such a high value in teamwork and camaraderie. Each account was different but this allowed me to learn different skills for varying circumstances. I was also paired with helpful mentors on each account that took me under their wings to teach me the ins and outs of this industry.

Lindsey Seney headshot
Lindsey Seney
Digital Marketing Associate, HireClix - 2022 Intern

I had excellent guidance along the way and never felt afraid to ask questions or for help. HireClix is committed to problem-solving, and working collaboratively with clients which I got to experience firsthand. Being a Digital Marketing Intern I got hands-on experience at what life would be like at a marketing agency.

Leah Colwell Headshot
Leah Colwell
2023 Intern
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