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Neuroscience in Recruitment

Neuroscience measures brain activity, biometric responses, and behaviors. It helps us understand subconscious behavior when exposed to different experiences. It allows us to understand and shape how the job seeker feels, thinks and acts. This knowledge allows us to make better marketing decisions to connect with the talent market.

HireClix Human Experience Lab (HX Lab) applies neuroscience in recruitment in a variety of ways to understand how the job seeker responds to certain experiences. Whether you want to understand if your career site is engaging to a particular audience or if an ad campaign resonates, the HX Lab can provide you with data to maximize your investment.

Prospective Employee Experience

The HX Lab increases understanding of the job seeker experience through analysis of individuals’ physical and emotional responses to your content and messages. The HX Lab team can identify the most and least engaging content and messages. The data will indicate where job seekers have positive and negative reactions when reviewing a career site, applying for a job, or reading an email. This information is used to create a more meaningful and positive job seeker experience.

Creative development

Adding HX Lab into your creative development process provides the power of data-driven decision making. Understanding how a target audience responds to imagery, copy, ad placement, collateral or brand can deepen the emotional connection and increase their interest in you as an employer.

Human Experience Tools

Combining multiple techniques allows us to enhance our approach to how we apply data in recruitment strategies. The HireClix HX Lab uses eye tracking, facial expressions, and biometrics technology to gather subconscious behaviors when exploring job seeker experiences and creative assets. Adding the voice of the job seeker through surveys further enhances the study findings.

Eye Tracking
Facial Expression

Each study follows a systematic approach from beginning to end. A study’s timeline can vary depending on the complexity of the materials/experiences and the number of participants needed to effectively deliver the insights.

Identify what needs be studied and what needs to be learned.


Build the experiences & materials into the platform to be studied.


Identify and invite participants for the study.  


Gather data from participants over time.


Review and analyze the data.


Deliver key insights and recommendations.


Use neuroscience to drive better career content and candidate experience decisions. Neuroscience gives you the “why” - helping to move from clicks to connections.

Whether you’re developing new content or experiences or needing to audit existing, you have the opportunity to figure it out before investing to create the connections you’re looking for.

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