What's missing in your applicant tracking system?

What's missing in your applicant tracking system?

Business and hiring needs are constantly changing, yet most organizations still use the same hiring process and system configurations they implemented more than 5 years ago. You don't need to throw out your ATS and purchase a new one to evolve your process and configurations to meet today's hiring needs. I doubt you have the budget, time, or team available for a full-blown implementation anyway.

What process and system configuration changes can you make in your current system to improve hiring outcomes?

1. Ensure your initial apply process takes fewer than 5 minutes on a mobile device. Stop reading right now and go apply for a job on your career site with your phone and time yourself. I’ll wait…………….

2. Present your hiring managers with all the data and information they need to take action on their open positions. Aim for at most 3 clicks to all key actions.

3. Create alerts for recruiters and hiring managers for key tasks that are pending or past.

4. Automatically advance candidates to the next step in the process when possible.

5. Build meaningful, actionable metrics. Some of my favorites are candidate velocity, source of influence, time to respond, and pipeline health.

Updating your configurations, workflows, dashboards, and metrics will turn your current ATS into a great enabler of your ideal hiring process.

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