Workforce Summit

Maximizing Billable Hours and Employee Growth in Aerospace & Defense

Thursday, March 28
Founding Farmers Tysons
1800 Tysons Blvd, Tysons, VA 22102

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The in-person breakfast workshop is designed as an interactive and engaging session for professionals in the Aerospace & Defense industry.

It starts early morning with a networking breakfast, providing attendees an opportunity to connect with industry peers. The workshop itself includes a series of expert-led discussions and collaborative activities focused on key themes like optimizing billable hours, enhancing employee satisfaction and development, and strategic talent management.

Participants will explore methods to leverage internal skills for retaining top performers, efficiently sourcing talent, and creating effective career development paths. The session aims to equip attendees with practical strategies and insights to scale their workforce and prepare for future contract demands, all in a comfortable and conducive setting that fosters learning and professional growth.


Join Kara Yarnot as she facilitates deep conversations about:

Optimizing Billable Hours

Strategies to maximize efficiency and profitability in project management and service delivery.

Balancing Employee Development and Satisfaction

Techniques for nurturing employee growth while maintaining high productivity levels.

Retaining and Redeploying
Top Performers

Insights on how to identify key performers and effectively redeploy them at the end of contracts to retain valuable skills and experience.

Talent Sourcing from
Internal Pools

Best practices for leveraging existing talent within the organization and re-engaging previous high-potential candidates for new roles.

Career Path Development

Strategies to maximize efficiency and profitability in project management and service delivery.

Scaling for Government Contracts

Tactics for rapidly expanding workforce capabilities to meet the demands of government service contracts while maintaining quality and compliance.

Preparing for Future Work Pipelines

Forward-looking strategies to position the organization for success in upcoming projects and industry shifts.

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About Kara Yarnot

Kara Yarnot is a seasoned expert in talent acquisition and employer branding, whose extensive experience and deep industry knowledge make her a highly trusted advisor in the Aerospace and Defense sector. Her career, marked by significant contributions to mature, high-growth, and Fortune 500 companies, showcases her proficiency in attracting and retaining top talent, as well as supporting growth objectives. Kara's expertise extends to social recruitment strategies, interviewing methods, and cutting-edge recruiting technology solutions, making her a sought-after speaker at major industry events and conferences.
Her impactful role in recruiting thousands of new hires, both domestically and internationally for leading companies like SAIC and Boeing, underscores her capability to manage large-scale changes in staffing to meet dynamic business needs. As an executive leader, Kara excels in optimizing recruiting processes to enhance performance and expand capabilities, always staying ahead of the curve in terms of emerging trends and technologies. Her commitment to developing and executing customized strategies tailored to each client's specific needs makes her an invaluable resource for Aerospace and Defense talent leaders seeking to navigate the complexities of talent management and acquisition in a rapidly evolving industry.
VP Strategic Consulting

About SeekOut

SeekOut's Talent Intelligence Platform transforms talent management with its all-in-one solution for recruitment, reskilling, and redeployment. It blends actionable data with AI to offer a complete talent perspective, enhancing workforce potential. The platform accelerates diverse talent sourcing and reduces hiring time, while its SeekOut Grow feature aids in employee retention and growth, aligning talent strategies with business needs.

About HireClix

HireClix is a global recruitment marketing agency that helps HR executives apply the power of digital marketing and strategic advisory services to optimize their recruiting process. HireClix saves talent acquisition professionals time and money by building and optimizing recruitment advertising investments, developing their employment brand and reducing overall cost-per-hire. HireClix collaborates with clients to select, implement and manage best in breed recruiting technology for each client’s needs.